June 2020


by Federico LongoCo-Founder, Head of Strategy & Innovation

At Xilia, we are daily committed to take our responsibility about safety issues and promote an even more ethical design, in order to adapt to new and more sustainable lifestyles.
The way we relate each other will change, as well as the needs to organize our homes, offices and public areas: spaces must be converted into multifunctional and modular workstations.
These are the challenges that we’ll face in the near future.

Discover Xilia Antibacterial Treatment

To live the wood surfaces and enjoy the interior spaces in total safety is today, more than ever, an essential requirement that our products must necessarily satisfy.
That’s why we are proud to introduce Xilia Antibacterial Treatment, a new and revolutionary sanitizing effect treatmentfully compatible with Xilia eco-tactile wood surfaces, that exploits the disinfectant power of silver in combination with nanotechnologies.
The silver nanoparticles make the treated surfaces refractory to the development of bacteria and reduce their growth by 99%,

A clear and prompt response for people health and for the safety of internal environments.

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Health, well-being and safety: the pillars of Xilia approach to ethic design

To be defined as beautiful, a design product shouldn’t be evaluated only for its aesthetic features, but it must be enriched with a new dimension, where the well-being is closely linked to its function.
All our strategic decisions about the development of a new product always keep the safety and the respect for people and the environment as a basic principle.

As the Head of Innovation & Strategy of Xilia, I’m in charge of analyzing and intercepting market trends on a daily basis, in order to find their implications and possible applications both on products and inside our organization. And one of the most relevant trends that we have decided to embrace as a beacon of our R&D processes is sustainable design.
Making sustainable architecture products today is a need driven by context and for us making a sustainable product means acting according to three levers: health, well-being and safety of the individual.
If on one hand the green buildings allow a 25% saving in consumption and a 34% reduction in emissions, on the other people – who spend more than 90% of their time indoors – is more productive in conceived environments with green building standards.
Sustainability and respect for the ecosystem are two cardinal principles of our making business responsibly. For us, in addition to being beautiful, the product must be functional but above all safe.

Our commitment for the future

We live and work in the beauty of the Venice area, the heart of the design Made in Italy. Everyday we collaborate with local craftsman that share their invaluable manual skills with us.
This is our greatest added value, the starting point of our creation process that always puts people and experience at its core.
Today Xilia products are respecting high standards of sustainability, from FSC certification, to the use of water-based or biobased paints, up to the possibility of combining production cycles and raw materials with zero formaldehyde emission.
In addition, thanks to the uniqueness of our surfaces, we are able to offer a tactile experience typical of the solid wood by using veneers with only 0.6mm thick, with a consequent saving in the use of the raw material, safeguarding the forests.

This is just the beginning.

Xilia Antibacterial Treatment is another step towards what we call long-life sustainability.
We keep searching for sustainable design, developed to bring harmony, beauty and comfort into people lives through products that convey safety and well-being.

To leave future generations an improved quality of life.

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