Lightness, technology and functionality

Outstanding is the new metal shelving system designed by Xilia. The product’s name itself encapsulates two core attributes that set it apart: outstanding - its extraordinary aesthetic lightness which lifts the shelves from functional pieces to suspended works of art; and stand out - the ability to command attention with surprising authority wherever it is installed.

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office shelf

The extraordinary versatility of this system, available in four sizes, unveils itself through the opportunity to craft a kaleidoscope of architectural compositions. Playing with its various modular options, Outstanding responds creatively to every need, both architectural and stylistic.

kitchen shelf

Outstanding provides a unique experience of light and design, thanks to the possibility of illuminating the wall in a completely customizable way: upwards, downwards, or in both directions.
Outstanding thus becomes an essential support for books, art objects, plants, or personal items, and once illuminated, it also becomes aesthetically fascinating.

Technical Specifications


shelf dimensions


shelf light

Side view

shelf dimensions

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