Suspended between design and functionality

Gravity, the suspended sideboard designed by Studio Martinelli Venezia, is a no-frills furnishing complement: a perfect fusion of technique and functionality, making it appear magically suspended on the wall without compromising aesthetics.

Its design plays with contrasts between wood and metal, varying thicknesses, aesthetic lightness, and functional robustness, revealing the intrinsic properties of the materials and their endless combination possibilities.

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Gravity has been designed to make installation simple, fast, and intuitive. Its fixing system, made with proprietary aluminum extrusions, allows for managing wall imperfections.

Gravity is a complement that looks to the future: the sideboard can indeed be disassembled at any time and reused endlessly. For us, this too is design.

Gravity has been designed to offer maximum customization. Thanks to its modular components, it easily adapts to any need, providing space in any setting.

Functionality is ensured by the numerous available configurations: from the opening options to backlighting, without neglecting internal accessories.

With Gravity, organization becomes a breeze!

Technical Specifications

Technical features

01. Wall mounting frame, made with proprietary aluminum extrusions, ensures quick installation and the ability to compensate for any wall imperfections thanks to its built-in levelers. Additionally, the frame is designed with two recesses to accommodate both upper and lower strip LEDs.

02. Shells provided already assembled, equipped with additional hidden adjusters, allow assembly by a single person.

03. Powder-coated metal cover, available in a variety of classic colors and bold shades.


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