We are the italian smart company
of the eco-tactile wood

Each surface created by Xilia represents what we believe in and expresses the same basic requirements: innovation, attention to detail, qualitative research and respect for the environment. Our passion for innovative materials and technologies always drives us to explore and experiment in order to overcome the limits imposed by materials and propose new solutions featuring a distinct sensory component.

We strive to stimulate the imagination and offer a new perception of spaces in the furniture, product design, interior design and contract-furnishing sectors.

Company profile


Three different background, one unique vocation


Xilia is the story of three friends who share a love for wood and a passion for design and the unconventional. The merging of different professional backgrounds has enriched an ambitious, and fascinating dream with ideas, relationships and experiences: to give life to a smart company with a strong vocation to sustainability, able to explore new areas and form of expression in the world of wood surfaces for the interior design.

More than a company, Xilia is a creative laboratory open to collaboration, that overturn the constraints of production logic to offer be-spoke design solutions that fully exploit the expressiveness of the material.


Nature inspires design, design
shapes spaces

We think of Xilia as a “wooden dressing company”: a different way of perceiving the processes of the woodworking industry. Ours is an end-to-end approach that has as its fulcrum the wooden surface, around which an integrated and collaborative supply chain revolves, managed with a lean and dynamic model.

A thinking and operational flexibility that becomes the basis for us to develop highly bespoke products, maximizing each project phase, from research to design, from production to installation.

We are proud to define sustainability as a fundamental principle of our business. We comply with the strictest international green building standards to ensure that our surfaces are products for life.


  • Veneer selection
  • Development of custom finishing
  • Dedicated team to certifications requirements
  • Sample matching


  • Project analysys and product engeneering
  • Shop drawings submission
  • Techinal drawings
  • Mock-up


  • Joinery activities
  • Surfaces workmanship
  • Product pre-assemblement
  • Project management

Packaging and installation

  • Quality control
  • Products packaging and labeling
  • Installation with dedicated and specialized teams


Values we believe in

Craftmanship innovation icon

We believe in technology as a creative opportunity, not a constrain.
This is why our lean production process goes beyond the boundaries of seriality and guarantees the quality of an artisan product with the timing and logic of management of an industrial product.

01Made in Italy

Our concept of sustainability aims as both at the longevity of our products and at the safety of our surfaces. Companies are increasingly asked to take a position on these issues, and Xilia has placed them as a fundamental principles of its commitment to future generations.

Expertise icon

We have a simple motto at Xilia: if it’s useful and beautiful, then it’s design. This is why we don’t just look at the aesthetics of our products, but also at the well- being that is generated by their use. A form of respect for people, a way to find nature, serenity and inspiration in the spaces in which they live.


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