Contemporary character
for iconic settings, with the brand new wood
slats dressing system interpreted by Xilia.
Natural, tactile, perfectly finished.

A name that comes from apart, a Venetian popular idiom, that we recalled as a homage to the cultural heritage that inspires all our creations.

STRIKE [Stree・kai, noun. Strips, lit.] originally refers to the slats of wood, a recycled material used by our grandparents to light a fire.

We have researched the essence of those ancient traditions to transform it into handcrafted dressing solutions, with decisive and refined shapes for exclusive interior design projects.

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Expert hands involved in woodworking to create compositions that turn out to be artisanal, with high impact both in aesthetics and functional terms.

Solutions to suit any type of space, and embellish it with a greater sense of depth and intense light-and-dark effects.

Cladding system and beyond, STRIKE is a total dressing system that integrates perfectly with flush to the wall hinged and pivot doors.

Standard available finishes

STRIKE, a wide range of finishing including Xilia’s best-selling woods, to satisfy every
needs according to the desired mood.

Fresh oak

Nordic oak


Graphite oak

Smoked oak

Carbon oak

Need a custom solution for your space?
Strike is a versatile product,
suitable for every project need

In addition to the standard configuration, the system can be made to drawing starting from the project
measurements. Dimensions and width of the slats, size of the panels, special finishes can be requested
by the customer according to the project needs. The system can be integrated with the inclusion of
additional accessories such as strip led, shelves and wall unit.

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