Dynamism, flexiblity and playfulness

Bubble is a modular bookcase designed by Gianmarco Miolo, combining formal rigor with the dynamism of shapes. Inspired by architecture, the bookcase evokes elegance through its minimal structure, remindful of beams and pillars. Once inhabited, it transforms into a constantly evolving work shaped by the objects it contains.

Its distinctive touch lies in the customizable placement of colorful circular trays, reminiscent of the concept of a bubble: a dynamic element, never the same and constantly changing.

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The Bubble bookcase further transforms into a dynamic architectural piece, thanks to the option of customizing it with glass shelves. The result is fascinating: personal items placed on these surfaces seem to float in midair. Alternatively, removing the shelves opens up space and flexibility for managing objects of different sizes. This versatility gives the bookcase a double or triple height architectural appearance, adding a touch of creativity while retaining its elegant appeal.

Each component of Bubble bookcase is designed to be shipped compactly, minimizing environmental impact. Choose a customizable and sustainable design experience.

Technical Specifications

Technical features - Bubble Low

Technical features - Bubble High

Technical features - Big tray

Technical features - Small tray



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