Architectural Systems

Solutions that creates beauty
connections inside rooms

Xilia Architectural System is the wood innovative proposal made with custom doors, cladding elements and decorative volumes, that fits perfectly with any type of residential and commercial room space.

A functional, elegant and complete architectural wood solution that harmoniously dialogues with cement, drywall, glass and aluminum.

Xilia custom doors

A full range of doors, 100% customized to the project,  that creates
beautiful wood closure inside rooms.

A wide range of custom doors

Available in hinged, sliding or pivot version.

With or without glass insertion. 100% custom dimensions.

Available in different thickness

From 32mm up to 80mm, for doors with a high personality.

Adaptable to any hardware set

Since this is not an industrial product, the doors are suitable to work with any kind of  hardware set.

Xilia wall covering systems

The modular solution of custom doors combined with cladding panels
that perfectly dialogues with any kind of wall.

Cladding panels

Decorative wood panels that perfectly match with doors in order to create stunning connections between spaces.

Easy to install

Thanks to XZC system the installation is easy and not time consuming.

Top level design

Upon request, the aluminum profiles could be covered with the same essence of the door/ cladding.

Xilia decorative volumes

An innovative functional volume inside the space, made of free-standing
and modular systems, where different materials and elements dialogue
together to create unique rooms inside the room.

A new concept of space inside the room

Wall and ceiling decorative wood panels that perfectly match with doors in order to create stunning connections between spaces.

An explosion of materials

The collaboration between wood and new and refined natural materials such as stone, resin and brass, which blend together in a unique aesthetic result never seen before.

A multifunctional solution

The integration of wood cladding panels with new multifunctional and smart elements: bookcases, audio and video systems, lights and fire, appropriately combined to create a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

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