June 2020


As never before, we all feel the need to live within sanitized and risk-free spaces for the individual.
Personal health is the everyone’s top priority, that must be assured by the safety and well-being of the environments in which we live in.

We have developed Xilia Antibacterial Treatment: a new and revolutionary sanitizing effect treatment fully compatible with Xilia eco-tactile wood surfaces, that exploits the disinfectant power of silver in combination with nanotechnologies.

Effective and guaranteed.
The silver nanoparticles make the treated surfaces refractory to the development of bacteria and reduce their growth by 99%, as certified according to ASTM E-2180-07, the reference methodology for determining the activity of antimicrobial agents incorporated into the surfaces.

Safe, durable, and practical.
Xilia Antibacterial Treatment is safe as it does not contain biocides and does not release to the surface any substances dangerous to health.
It can count on the same chemical-physical resistance properties of a traditional painting cycle, so once the surface is installed you wont’ be needing any further sanitization treatments.

A treatment for life.
The sanitizing action of Xilia Antibacterial Treatment lasts forever on the surface as silver does not evaporate and resists the effect of cleaning products over time1.
Thanks to these properties, it can be used in all dressing purposes where hygiene is an essential requirement.

Natural and without additional costs.
Xilia Antibacterial Treatment does not alter the traditional natural feeling of a Xilia eco-tactile wood surface and is available at the same price as a painting cycle without sanitizing effect.

Xilia eco-tactile wood surfaces: beautiful to see, pleasant to touch, safe to live.

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1) For a correct maintenance of Xilia eco-tactile wood surfaces, routine cleaning must be done with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water. Do not use abrasives or chemical detergents for cleaning and avoid the use of wax, oil, and silicone-based cleaning product.

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