March 2024

Five studies for a new choral art direction

We are excited to share our new journey. Our passion for design combines with a choral vision: we have chosen five studios to guide the artistic direction of our next collection of accessories.

We return to the roots of Italian design, inspired by the golden years, we would like to carry forward that legacy of radical spirit and collaboration that has defined an entire generation of architects and designers.

The journey began with an intense workshop last February, where we shared ideas, values and goals for the future. With the expert guidance of Paolo Casicci, journalist and content curator, and the contribution of Andrea Galanti, Artificial Intelligence expert at Verso Studio, we explored crucial themes such as sustainability, innovation and intelligent technology, also embracing the needs of the new generations.

The input from this workshop inspired our shared art direction, uniting the visions of design studios: Arkēnis, Martinelli Venezia by Vittorio Venezia and Carolina Martinelli, Alessandro Stabile, Studio Nooi by Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita and Stormo Studio by Michael Carion and Elena Calabro’. We want to create a furniture collection that reflects our shared passions and promotes an open dialogue between designers and informed buyers.

For us, Xilia is a community of thinkers and creatives who embrace the challenge of a rapidly evolving world. Our future collection will be the fruit of this dialogue and will come to light in 2025.
We are excited for this new chapter and look forward to sharing future progress.

The extended press release describing this new adventure has been published on Archiproducts.

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