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Home Elegance inspired by global explorations

The house, a fully renovated apartment in the center of Treviso, is the backdrop for an environment that reflects all the influences and peculiarities inspired by the owner's wanderlust spirit.
The architect's intention was to recreate an atmosphere that effectively made the client feel an integral part of a journey, where flows and furnishings were conceived akin to a cosmopolitan hotel.

Xilia played a key role in the project by providing furnishings that framed this journey within a journey.
From the entrance, the STRIKE wardrobe and closing wall emerges, running along the entire corridor, essentially dictating the functional path of the house.

The focal point of the project was also the creation of the master bedroom, where a self-supporting dividing wall delineates the sleeping area from the walk-in closet.
This is punctuated by a large sliding door serving as a scenic barrier, effectively dividing the spaces within.

Project Specifications
Architectural SystemsArchitectural Systems
Fresh Oak
Light brushLight brush
Lead time
7 weeks

Other references

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