NP Apartment


The dark side of the room

The design concept originates from the creation of a wooden casket, totally clad with the STRIKE system. Shelves and drawers float in the dark environment to enhance the clothes and accessories stored in them, as in a boutique.

Strike once again demonstrates here its ability to become a real distinctive element, able to hold together all the design influences that govern the project. Never as in this project have functional and aesthetic aspects intertwined and merged into one.

For this project, Strike has been developed with a customized finish to match the floor, participates in the game of modern and traditional influences present in the loft.

A true demonstration of how the careful use of colors and materials manages to balance the elements and recreate sophisticated atmospheres.

Project Specifications
Architectural SystemsArchitectural Systems
Project scope

Cladding system

Custom doors



Fresh Oak
Light brushLight brush
Stained to match
Lead time
8 weeks

Other references

C Hangar

C Hangar

Casa Flora

Casa Flora


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