February 2022


The project required a significant and detailed planning and a special effort to organise the delivery, as the challenge was very ambitious: how to transport 10 pallets of goods to the 90 meters high building, where the only access was given by an opening in the roof less than 10 square meters?

Starting from these few but important details, our Technical and Logistics Department have worked since day 1 of the start of the order with two fundamental constraints in mind:
1) a delivery date set on the day of the site survey due to the constraints imposed by the helicopter transport booking;
2) a sequence of unloading and handling of goods within the penthouse with very short times dictated by the transit times of the helicopter.

Starting from these two constraints, the project saw a considerable planning and development of the delivery, which took place in parallel with the production.

As part of this activity, our Logistics Department worked on fine-tuning all aspects so that nothing was overlooked on the day of delivery, including:
– creation of a packaging resistant to air transport, in which all the material could remain carefully protected, avoiding any type of problem during the flight phase;
– organization of the flow of people and goods within the penthouse quickly and safely for the short time available (less than 2 minutes) between the unloading of the goods from the helicopter and the collection and delivery of a new pallet;
secure all the personnel involved in the unloading activity, providing on site all the necessary protective supports and tools to have a direct line with the team in charge of air transport management.

The result, a sum of this careful planning and organization of the unloading, was impressive: the total expected and required unloading time was approximately 30 minutes, and the actual time taken on the day of delivery was 30 minutes and 23 seconds.

It is only with careful work behind the scenes that situations like these can be handled effectively.

This is why at Xilia we place a strong emphasis on all issues that gravitate around the product. And we are strongly convinced that the success of a project is given by the obsessive care not only of the product, which is a fundamental prerequisite of our proposal, but above all of those intangible aspects capable of decreeing the success or failure of a project.

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