September 2019


The new Xilia Architectural Systems advertising campaign debuts in September and will be distributed through a careful selection of the most authoritative design, architecture, lifestyle, fashion and current periodicals.

The image of the campaign shows as a background a room with a lake view in which the Xilia eco-tactile wooden surfaces form a harmonious organization of the spaces, creating elegant connections made of decorative panels, closing systems and design elements.

Space is the main theme of the campaign, confirmed by the claim “WOOD THAT MOVE SPACES“.

Xilia introduces a new dimension to the interior design, the tactile one. Xilia surfaces enrich the perception of spaces by transforming creative ideas into products of high aesthetic value, intelligent, functional and sustainable in order to experience wood in a harmonious environmental symbiosis.


Read more: https://xiliawood.comapplications/architectural-systems/

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