May 2024

Xilia Becomes a Benefit Company

We are thrilled to announce that Xilia has officially become a benefit corporation! This important step reflects our commitment to pursuing a business model that values ​​sustainability and social responsibility, in addition to economic profit.

Becoming a Benefit Company means doing business in a sustainable way, aiming for a positive and tangible impact on the environment and people through concrete projects. For us, design is not just an aesthetic question, but a tool for creating functional and sustainable furnishing solutions, destined to last over time without wasting the resources of our planet.

Our Commitments as a Benefit Company

1. Sustainable Design: We are committed to continually improving the environmental sustainability of our products, processes and business practices. We want to create long-lasting products that improve the quality of life and well-being of users.
2. Positive Work Environment: We build an inclusive and stimulating work environment, protecting the rights and safety of our collaborators. We guarantee continuous training, enhancement of skills and concrete corporate welfare measures.
3. Collaboration and Support: We promote collaboration with bodies and organizations that share our values, contributing to their development, with particular attention to the territory in which we operate.

An Important Step in Our Journey

This is a year full of news for us. After the recent recognitions and prizes, and the birth of the Design Fusion Session format with the entrusting of the artistic direction to five different design studios, we are adding another piece to our development path. The transformation into a benefit company took place shortly before the publication of our first catalogue, marking a moment of profound growth and evolution for Xilia.

Furthermore, we are looking for qualified personnel to join our team to support this phase of growth and continue to promote an inclusive and stimulating work environment.

Word to the Founders

We are excited and proud to announce this step,” declared Mirko Longo, Head of Sales of Xilia. “This change represents a further milestone that reflects our desire to adopt a business model that places the territory, the quality of life of our collaborators and the well-being of the communities in which we operate at the centre.

We believe that the true value of a company lies in the ability to create a positive and lasting impact for the community, especially for future generations,” added Gian Luca Gaiarin, Head of Operation of Xilia. “The transformation into a Benefit Company is just the beginning of an ambitious journey. We look forward to this new chapter with enthusiasm with the aim of continuing to innovate and grow in a sustainable way, contributing to generating value for the territory, always respecting people and the environment.

The transformation into a Benefit Corporation is a project we have been working on for some time and of which we are very proud. This is not a slogan, but a strong belief that reflects the great responsibility we feel as entrepreneurs in creating a positive context today and for future generations.” concluded Federico Longo, Head of Strategy & Innovation at Xilia.

Next Steps

We will publish an impact report annually to monitor and evaluate our progress towards common benefit objectives. This report will be publicly available, ensuring maximum transparency and allowing all our stakeholders to follow our commitment to sustainability.

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