Terrazzamare - Marcandole


The perfect match between design and hospitality

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    Francesco Del Zotto
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    Wall-Around, In-To

The project, developed by Arkēnis Studio, comes to life in an instinctive gesture, not at all obvious, capable of modifying the place in which it is inserted, at the same time enhancing its aesthetic and morphological peculiarities.

Xilia for Terrazzamare is the result of the fusion of two complementary elements: on one side the sea water that surrounds the atypical building, the stilt house, on the other the wooden block, which originating from the floor, becomes the fulcrum of the interior space of the restaurant "Marcandole al Mare".

The wood chosen to represent this mix is a delicate natural oak, of the same amber color as the sand touched by the Adriatic sea.

The concept draws inspiration from the structure of the tree, consisting of the central trunk made with the "Skin" cladding system and lateral branches which, thanks to the new In-To space divider system, designed and developed by Xilia, leave filter the sunlight: in the same way, the observer's gaze is left free to explore what is hidden between one slat and another.

Never before in this project aesthetics and functionality merge into one: the element is placed between the entrance, where the counter is located, and the main room of the restaurant. In this way a scenic backdrop is created, a filter capable of decongesting the flow of the entrance, thus protecting the peace and serenity of the diners at the tables.

Project Specifications
Architectural SystemsArchitectural Systems
Project scope

Self standing wall



Fresh Oak
Lead time
6 weeks

Other references

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